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When you work with the Real Estate Hero to buy and/or sell a house, you can save 0.7% of the home purchase price, or $700 on every $100,000 of the purchase price. The savings you receive comes from the commission of the Real Estate Hero as a thank you for your appreciation of your service. After closing on a house, Homes for Heroes will send you a check so you may purchase what you need for your new location! 

Who qualifies for this program?

Homes For Heroes is a program designed for most occupations in the public service sector. Examples of the Heroes that are eligible, but are not limited to current and former firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, law enforcement and all other first responders including volunteers. All ranks of active military, reserves and veterans of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. All nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals. Also, Pre-K, elementary, secondary and post-secondary educators, teachers, professors and education administrative staff.

What if I’m not ready to buy or sell?

If you’re not ready, that’s OK. It’s still a good idea to speak to the Real Estate Hero if you’re simply thinking about it. The Real Estate Hero can provide good insight on preparation and steps to take before you even begin the buying, selling or refinancing process.

Find out how this program can help you! Click on this link to find out more information about this great program. TexasHero.net