Reasons To Visit The Guadalupe Brewing Company

Located off of Route 337 in Braunfels, Texas, this brewing company has a long history. It is also a pizza restaurant where you can get a fine meal and at the same time test out some of the best-crafted beers in the industry. If you enjoy drinking beer while eating pizza, this is the perfect place for you to go. They have many different items available. Here is what you can expect by visiting the Guadalupe Brewing Company which is right outside of San Antonio Texas.

What Types Of Products Do They Serve?

When you visit their website, you will see that they are featuring full-flavored craft beer of many different varieties. This is ale brewed beer, which makes it extremely robust, and you can access everything that they have there. The drinks that they have on the menu include items from both the Solms Halle Taproom and the Guadalupe Halle Taproom as well. You can also access their menu, allowing you to order more food and beverages. An example of light and easy drinks that they serve include the Alexis Belgian style blonde. If you are more interested in standard ales, they have coconut scotch ale which is malty, slightly sweet, and you will definitely taste a hint of coconut.

The Origins Of This Brewery

This business began back in 2009. They state that they likely got the idea after making home-brewed beers. From this inspiration, they were able to refine the process, something that they learned in Colorado. When they opened up in New Braunfels, they did so in 2012, primarily as a distribution company in Texas. The small business has grown to revolutionize the beer brewing industry by creating outstanding products that so many people enjoy. Additionally, you can call them up directly to see what they have to offer if you are visiting from outside of the area.

Whether you are in the mood for pizza or one of their Dunkel specials, they can serve that to you and more. If you are in San Antonio, if you head northeast, you will eventually arrive at this location. If you are in the mood for a Caesar salad, chips, and salsa, or a tortillas sausage wrap, they have all of this and more available. However, for most people, it’s all about the beer that they have been brewing for well over a decade that so many people enjoy in this area.

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